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Mid Pennine Arts and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are delighted to announce the latest Contemporary Heritage, commission, K-Scope, by renowned artist collective, Owl Project.Owl Project have created a site specific installation for Turton Tower. K-Scope follows on from the hugely successful ~Flow, commissioned as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Owl Project were intrigued by elements of the tower’s history that remain absent, in particular, rumours of secret tunnels and the work and the inventions of former resident James Kay.

In the garden look out for the beautiful wooden structures with their complex contours based on tractrix curves. Owl Project’s speaker horns invite you to listen in, and imagine what unseen activity might be going on underground from the sounds that you hear…. Entry to the gardens is free.

Inside the Tower, inspired by James Kay’s inventions, Owl Project drew an analogy with current technological developments; the path from weaving and early machine programming to modern computers, fibre optic communication, and even optical computing. Owl Project in effect connect these two different eras by replacing flax with light as a raw material in the K-Scope, an imagined early form of analogue computer that you will find in the Tower’s Library.

The K-Scope is manually operated and visitors are invited to try it out themselves. Turning the machine’s red handle controls the speed of one of the spinning mirrors; the other is controlled by the data disks. The resulting light pattern on the cloth screen is the combined effect of the mirrors’ spin on the machine’s laser beam.