Flicker by Catherine Bertola

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Flicker is a new installation by Catherine Bertola at historic Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham, Lancashire. Flicker was commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts and Lancashire County Council’s Museum Service as part of Contemporary Heritage.

Flicker was inspired by the artist’s first visit to the Hall, when she discovered a family photograph album from the early 20th Century. Catherine was struck by the difference between the room as it currently appears and the photographic image. From this the idea developed
to try and recreate a sense of how the spaces in the Hall may have looked at different moments in time.

Catherine Bertola worked with local residents to restage a series of scenes from the history of Gawthorpe Hall to create a site specific installation, made up of multiple pieces of work that visitors can interact with.

“I am fascinated by how photography captures and preserves fleeting moments of time, allowing us a glimpse into the past from the present. The images in the albums provided a different view of the rooms I had walked through, illustrating how they were once inhabited, filled with the clutter of everyday life as opposed to the stripped back and orderly manner in which the rooms are now presented.

I am interested in how the space can be seen from different perspectives, through the eyes of different people who have occupied the space over the course of its history.”